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Welcome to the Recryte Group srl

We are looking for people to join our team who are as enthusiastic as we are to help promote our new interior and exterior cladding technology.

Write to us or contact us via our online platform, we will contact you to tell you about our projects.

RECRYTE, stile, innovazione e sostenibilità

Consulente RECRYTE

With RECRYTE SYSTEMS it is possible to renovate, protect, decorate, thermally and acoustically insulate from the infiltration of humidity and water, in less time, with less rubble to dispose of and with a completely customizable design result.

Request a free consultation to find out which Recryte solution is best suited to your needs




Recryte Service srl

Italy Sales Office-Show Room
Via Monte Santo n.52 - 00195 Rome (RM)
Operational headquarters: Via Capo Croce, 54

Postal Code. 00046 Grottaferrata (RM)


+ 39 02 808 895 60

+ 39 06 56 56 76 51

+ 39 389 050 4658

+ 39 389 636 1111




RECRYTE  2022 - Recryte service srl - P.IVA: RO 45132567 -  Ufficio Commerciale estero: JUD. BIHOR, MUN. ORADEA, STR. GRIVITEI, NR.36, ROMANIA

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