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Self-leveling mortar



Cement, aggregates and additives



• Density 1.50 Kg. / L ± 0.05 (dry powder)
• Mixing water 18% approx.
• Layer thickness 8 mm min. / 50 mm max
• Consumption / Dosage 15 kg approx. per cm and m2

• Duration 60 min. approx.

• Relative humidity 75% max.

• Dew point: Beware of condensation! The substrate and ambient temperature must be at least 3 ° C above the Dew Point during application to reduce the risk of condensation, bubbles or cement laitance on the finished floor. Application at temperatures above 23 ° C reduces post life and workability time.
• Compressive strength = ≥25 N / mm2
• Flexural strength = ≥6 N / mm2
• Tensile strength = ≥1 N / mm2
• Shrinkage <0.5 N / mm2

RECRYTE LEVEL self-leveling mortar is a self-leveling mortar formulated based on cement, selected aggregates and additives that give it great adhesion, water retention and great fluidity.


The substrate must be resistant, hard, rough and free from dust, paints, oils, etc.
Concrete surfaces must be prepared by mechanical means (sandblasting, or scarifying) to remove surface laitance and obtain a structured open pore surface. Weak parts of the concrete and surface defects such as holes or irregularities must be removed and all possible defects in the substrate must be discovered. Before applying the paste it is necessary to make sure that the residual humidity of the substrate does not exceed 3%. APPLICATION
The self-leveling mortar is suitable for the screed, smoothing and leveling of concrete, mortar, terrazzo, mosaic or stone surfaces, to be covered with light flooring, such as parquet or carpet, with resins or ceramics, checking the hardness of the surface layer of the self-leveling mortar before coating, so as to ensure adherence of the coating to the mortar.

NOTE: To increase the surface resistance and better adhesion of the finishing floor when using water-based adhesives, it is recommended to apply the mortar at room temperature and the substrate between +15 and +25 ° C.


  1. Place the layers evenly on the stand.

  2. Mix with clean water until you get a homogeneous, fluid and free of lumps (about 4.5 liters of water per bag)

  3. It is advisable to apply a primer in advance to seal the substrate and avoid the formation of bubbles in the mortar.

  4. Distribute the material with the help of a pump, evenly and filling up up to the level.

  5. Pass a vibrating bar or a nail roller depending on the thickness applied for remove air bubbles. The recommended thickness is between 8-50 mm approx.

  6. Curing must be carried out by keeping the surfaces of the mortar moist from the first time of installation and for about 7 days, depending on the environment.


Do not apply on substrates with humidity or at risk of humidity
Create expansion joints every 30 square meters maximum, interposing perimeter joints and respecting the structural joints of the building.
Do not step on within 48 hours of its application.
Do not load with weight before 7 days from its application.
Do not apply roofing materials with adhesives before 3 weeks
Avoid direct contact with the skin.
Protect from wind and direct sunlight.
Do not apply on gypsum-based substrates.
Do not apply in extreme temperatures, below 5oC or above 30oC.


Do not mix with other cement products. Do not charge before 7 days.
Do not exceed the recommended amount of water. Do not add more water when the product has started to solidify. Do not use self-leveling mortars in areas that may be exposed to moisture such as a floor screed without an effective waterproofing membrane, or in any outdoor area. Not suitable for slopes> 0.5%
Protect from direct sunlight, strong winds or extreme temperatures to avoid cracking.

HYGIENE AND SAFETY Keep out of the reach of children. Use in well-ventilated areas with personal protective equipment.


RECRYTE LEVEL must be stored in its original container tightly closed and protected from bad weather. Always store in cool places and do not leave exposed to the sun. Usage time is 12 months from the production date, properly stored.


Do not throw waste into sewers or water courses. Empty containers must be disposed of in accordance with local / national legislation in force



RECRYTE LEVEL PRO, Self-leveling mortar

Floor and ceiling insulation / Fiber cement encapsulation

RECRYTE, stile, innovazione e sostenibilità

Consulente RECRYTE

With RECRYTE SYSTEMS it is possible to renovate, protect, decorate, thermally and acoustically insulate from the infiltration of humidity and water, in less time, with less rubble to dispose of and with a completely customizable design result.

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